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The article should be related to:

▶Android/iOS/Apps/Windows/Mac os
▶Tips and tricks related to the Tech

You can send us articles related to the above mentioned topics. We can not compromise with quality as expected by our readers.
Rather, suggest me a topic that you wish to write. We will try to accommodate it in our schedule.

What we look into your Content :

⏩No less than 700 Words.

⏩No be spinned with any tool

⏩Written in simple to understand and in English.

⏩Contain resource links when it needed (quality resource links only, don’t add bad links)

⏩Consistency from start to end

⏩Your link must be contextual to the content (relevant to the content)

⏩Images, infographics, reports, data, youtube videos etc to make article more Worthy and Engaging.

What you get :

⏩A quality link from our site.
⏩Promotion of your post in our social media Community and newsletter subscribers.
⏩You get author profile on our website (only for in depth quality content, word count 1500+)

Rules for Guest Posts:

1. We appreciate your effort for sharing your content with us. We give you credits to the author by mentioning his/her name and company name (along with a link back to your website).

2. We give only one dofollow in your article,
Other links automatically get nofollow attribute. So, mention “(dofollow in bracket)” after your link.

3. Your copy is our property after it is out on our blog.

4. Must contain images or infographics.(images or infographics must be non-copyrighted or copyright free)

5. Copied or Duplicate Content not allowed.

Send us here : techmuz.co@gmail.com

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