7 Best Twitter Aggregators for 2020

Twitter is a well established online platform, not just as a social media medium but also as a major marketing medium to grow your brand authority and customer base.

It has one of the highest volumes of unique monthly visitors along with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Twitter Walls are most common used in events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, graduations, and many other events like that.

The aggregated Twitter feeds are also displayed on official brand websites to display user-generated content to website visitors and users.

All the above said signifies how important Twitter feed aggregation is for any social media marketing strategy.

It becomes a really difficult task to manage and update real-time Twitter feeds while running a marketing campaign.

At this point, the importance of Twitter aggregator tool is realised much. So, this article focuses on the best 7 Twitter Aggregator Tools that will help you strengthen your Twitter marketing game.

Come, let’s have a look.

Twitter Aggregators :

Twitter Aggregators

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool. It helps to you create beautiful Twitter walls easily.

It aggregates Twitter feed by mentions, hashtags, keywords, brings them all together on a single dashboard.

The dashboard is very easy to use and helps you to manage, filter, curate, customize, analyse, and finally display your Twitter feeds either on websites or display screens.

You can decide what to display and what not to by curating your Twitter content with the powerful moderation panel that lets you filter out the irrelevant content from being displayed to your audience in order to maintain the feed quality.

You can also get deeper insights into the performance of your Twitter feeds and the sentiments of the users linked with those feeds. This helps you to understand user behavior. All this is possible because of it’s robust Analytics feature.

Not only that, it comes with great customization options like beautiful themes, responsive layouts, and advanced CSS options. Now you can display Twitter feeds in a more engaging and interesting manner.

2. Juicer

Juicer is also a good social media aggregator tool that helps you to aggregate Twitter feed on your websites or display it during events.

Juicer aggregates Twitter Hashtag feeds for education, events, marketing agencies, and e-commerce.

All you need to do is just generate embed code from Twitter and paste it on the webpage where you want to display it.

It collects fresh real-time tweets, gives you the power to moderate them, and customize them the way you want them to display.

3. TwitterFall

TwitterFall is a good Twitter aggregator tool which gives you a variety of twitter search options and a full-screen display.

It works in real-time, so, you can display live tweets on your brand website.

You can also get insights of performance of your Twitter feeds on your website.

4. Everwall

Everwall is another one Twitter aggregator and display tool that helps you to showcase and embed beautiful and engaging Twitter walls on your brand websites.

It extracts Twitter feeds through hashtags, mentions, keywords, and embeds them directly into your official brand website.

Everwall has moderation features and pre-defined profanity filters that allow you to block specific keywords or users from your embed.

It works in a real-time which means you get latest data and will show the latest tweets as soon as they are posted online.

5. Hootfeed

Hootfeed powered by Hootsuite lets you create and display beautiful and stunning Twitter Walls for websites and events.

This Twitter integration tool comes with amazing customization options and responsive designs for different screen sizes.

It’s amazing Analytics feature lets you measure the performance of your Twitter feeds embedded on the website.

It comes with a powerful moderation panel that lets you filter your content and prevents the unwanted feeds from displaying on the website.

6. TweetWally

Tweetwally is a Twitter-powered tool. It customizes search results and presents them in different formats at a given URL or on a projector at events, conference, parties etc. or on an iPhone.

With Tweetwally, users can experiment with different real-time searches and enjoy a continuous stream of Twitter live feed on websites.

It aggregates Twitter feeds in real-time and gives you the power to customize the live Twitter stream according to your wish.

7. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an official Twitter management tool.

It lets you manage, post, schedule, comment, and do all other Twitter activities all at the same time from a single dashboard.

It has a really user-friendly interface which makes it so lovable for the users to use.

It allows you to handle multiple Twitter accounts from a one single dashboard.

It’s segregated layout allows you to display specific content in specific columns, thus making it easier to operate.

Final Words

Twitter is increasingly being used for website embeds and event displays to enhance user engagement and build brand awareness.

Employing Twitter aggregators for managing and displaying Twitter feeds is a really smart move in the direction of simplifying your Twitter marketing strategy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try the best Twitter aggregator and display tool today itself and make the long leap forward against your competitors and win at all fronts.

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