Top 10 Modern Web Design Trends for 2020

In today’s world, regardless of its size, every business has a website. Not only are web pages a part of business, but they also play a crucial role in its success too.

The first impression is the last impression, and this holds true for websites too. When any customer hears about your business, the first thing they will do is search it up on Google. It is that moment which will decide whether your business has gained a new customer or not – and it all depends on the design of the webpage!


If you are wondering how you can make your website attractive and user-friendly, here are top web design trends for 2020:

1. White Space

Placement of white space will decide the manner in which the eyes of visitors will drag from one element on the page to the next. Not only will it decide the aesthetic of your page, but it will also provide a visual hierarchy to everything.
Following the mantra of less is more, keep the white space enough to allow the viewer’s eyes to rest.

  • Do not overwhelm the reader with a lot of text
  • Words must not be so closely placed that they look like a jumble
  • There should some pattern in the way text is moving forward
  • The most significant information should be easily locatable

2. Color Trends

Over the years, the color pallet for web pages is becoming muter. 2020 web design trends are inclined towards soft and cool colors, like blues and teals. Bold and vibrant colors (like orange and red) should be used sparingly – only as a call for attention.

  • One must-follow trend is to use gradients
  • Keep in mind the psychological impact of color on the reader
  • Make sure color choice matches with the other aspects of your brand to give a blended and unified outcome

3. Increased Focus on UX/UI

Make sure your webpage’s user interface is captivating and does not have frequent pauses. The website content should be SEO-optimized, and also use the following points for a better user experience:

  • Have quickly loading pages
  • Avoid clutters and chunks of text
  • Use multimedia

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4. Design Compatible to All Screen Sizes

In 2020, a website should be compatible with all different devices (like tablets, phones, laptops). Each device has a different screen size. The number of mobile users has increased considerably in the past decade.Earlier, laptops of 15” normal screen size were used by most website viewers; now, we have less or equal to 10” screen sizes available in the form of tablet. It is vital the webpage design should seamlessly adjust on any device easily.

  • If the page layout looks great on a laptop screen, it should look appealing on tablet and mobile screens as well
  • The viewers should not have to zoom out or zoom in too much

5. Bold Fonts

The fonts play a role in how captivating your webpage is as well. You can use bold, outline and italic to highlight important aspects of your text.

  • Sanserif and serif fonts are the everlasting favorites
  • Vintage fonts are a popular web design trend for 2020

6. Engaging Cursors

A quick way to make your webpage impactful and attractive is by using playful cursors. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Change the shape of the cursor
  • Experiment with color of the cursor
  • Use coding to present your cursor as an animation

7. Imperfections that add substance

Hand-drawn designs will add a sentimental and human essence to your webpage. It will help in building a connection between a viewer and the webpage.

  • Use hand-drawn design elements to have a lasting effect
  • Add hand-drawn graphics for a more realistic vibe

8. Engaging 3D visuals

Immersive 3D effects are an excellent way to make your webpage attractive to the viewers. Here are some ways to keep your viewers engaged on the webpage:

  • Use interactive 3D designs
  • Experiment with 3D visuals and graphics

9. Blending photography with graphics

Mixing graphics with real photographs lead to a memorable impression. Use these visual techniques for better website design:

  • Use the collage trend
  • Merge a variety of visual graphics

10. Using glowing and luminous colors

In 2020 bold color pairings are trending in web design. Give the impression that your webpage is popping out of the screen, making it look more realistic.

  • Use neon and glow-in-the-dark colors intelligently
  • Combine highly-saturated glowing colors with soft muted tones for an overall luminous vibe.

Use this checklist to make your web design appealing and user-friendly!

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