Escape Rooms through the years – How technology peaked its scope

Escape room games have swept the entire world with fascination. In recent years, these adventurous games have received extensive popularity among people from all around the globe.

These immersive games necessitate the players into solving mysteries. The tremendously perplexing environment is filled with numerous riddles and puzzles that have to be solved if the players want to succeed.

The contestants are locked in a room for a minimum of 60 mins, and their target is simply to escape! These adventure thriller games often induce dopamine surge in an individual’s body, therefore making it addictive. The sense of accomplishment people gets after successfully escaping is just unrivaled.

Escape rooms are made with consideration of Escape Roomsto the taste of different people. They have countless themes from a carnival fest to a psycho killer left on loose they have it all. People undoubtedly find something that caters to their fantasies.

These action-packed games actuate an adrenaline rush in the body as the time keeps slipping away and the fear of losing starts to linger. Although these spellbinding games have been gaining significant recognition over the past few years, their history is decennials old. So, let’s take a look down the memory lane of these gripping escape room games.

History of Escape Rooms

The first escape room game was built in 2007, roughly capable of 5 to 6 people. It came into existence by a company located in Kyoto, Japan that goes by the name SCRAP. Takao Kato, the founder, and the brain behind escape rooms wanted players to experience the real pressure of being trapped.

The concept of escape rooms has grown vigorously since and there are more than 10,000 escape rooms in the world right now.

The idea behind these games was inspired by video games. The owners wanted people to experience a real-life gaming adventure that made them feel like the start of the show.

USA saw its first escape game in the year 2013 by the same SCRAP entertainment company in San Francisco, California.

How has technology helped escape rooms?

There is no denying the fact that technology played a vital role in the constantly growing escape room business. Though the initial setup of escape room games was not extraordinarily tech-friendly, there has been a drastic improvement in various aspects of these games with the help of innovation.

We have listed below some major points that technology-facilitated.

1) Online Information

In this modern era, users are carefully analyzing data that is available online. This can have a drastic impact on escape room centers. Thus, these Escape room businesses need to focus on their online visibility and image. Users can now upload pictures as well as reviews on various websites that can be easily accessible by anyone.

If you are interested in Escape rooms and are probably wondering if it is best suitable for you or not? don’t worry, as the solution is just a few clicks away.

You can easily type the name in your search engine and you will be provided ample amounts of information regarding any escape room center. This is highly beneficial if you want to find out important information like the timings, location, different themes, whether it is child-friendly or not, and a lot more.

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2) Online bookings and availability

Technology has made numerous activities quite easy for users. One such feature is online bookings. The interested candidates can simply search for their preferred escape room brands, and important information like the dates, time-slots as per their convenience will be provided to them right then and there.

Users can then go to the booking page and assure themselves by confirming their time slots. Furthermore, they can also read the rules and regulations to make sure the escape room brand is suitable enough.

3) Enhancing the experience

A unique and immersive gaming environment that provides a real-time adventurous experience to the players has now been possible because of the technology upgrade.

Adding various technical aspects like the lighting and sound effects has proved to enhance the player’s experience like never before. It not only increases their excitement level but also makes it one of a kind. A lot of Escape rooms have now started adapting high tech gadgets for their games. Users can now easily use these gears on their heads to enhance their experience even more.

A new innovation called “VR” has again left the world awestruck. Virtual Reality in the field of escape rooms has made wonders by enabling a mode, where players can sit at home and enjoy an escape adventure with their loved ones.

4) Accessible everywhere

Players can now experience the thrill and adventure of escape room games from any corner of the world. Due to technological advancement, many companies have now started providing their virtual birthday celebration and escape games that have won the hearts of fun-seekers.

These games allow users to actively participate in the bewildering puzzle-solving activities. A player is required to have an internet connection and a smart device like a laptop, computer, or even a mobile phone.

You can pick from the countless escape room brands that now offer this virtual gaming experience and select the room of your choice. You will then be greeted by a host and throughout the game would be facilitated by a game guide. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you!

5) Effects and graphics

Numerous effects and graphics have made their way into this list. They have helped it enhance the virtual gaming experience by taking it to another level. The graphics and effects such as sound, the storyline, video animation, and much more make the user feel that he or she is in a real video game and is the main protagonist. I mean, what more can you ask for? An escape game that revolves around you, isn’t that amazing!

These effects and graphics add a lot of fun and turn to the game. They are highly appreciated in different themed escape games such as horror, scary, and murder mysteries, etc.

Final Words

After carefully going through the history and origin of escape rooms, we can say that they have come a long way, and unquestionably, technology has facilitated their growth ever since.

Evolution and technology go hand in hand. Therefore, with every advancement, users get to experience something new like never before.

To conclude, we would say that, in today’s world, escape rooms have adapted to the new tech-savvy lifestyle. So, users can enjoy an adventurous as well as captivating encounter in their complete solace.

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