5 Amazing ways to boost smartphone speed

As you know when you buy a new smartphone, it is very fast in terms of performance but as time goes it becomes slow. So how to boost your Android smartphone?

Here in this post we given some practical tips which helps you to make your Android smartphone fast as it was when you bought.

This thing occur with every phone not just only android phone. Phone’s system Updates and apps regularly but the hardware remains same.

Follow these steps :

1. Remove unnecessary Apps :

Android apps

Mostly we install all most of app which seems to be useful but we never use some apps that we installed. All these unnecessary apps uses phone’s processing power and runs in background which makes your smartphone slow.

So it is necessary to remove all unnecessary apps which you use very rarely.

There is another alternative way If you don’t want to uninstall some of these which seems useful, you can move these apps in Memory Card from the phone memory.

Then enable the option “Restrict to launch” in your app’s settings from the app manager. This option may vary from phone to phone.

Follow these steps to do that :

  • Open app’s settings from app manager or just long pressing on app from app drawer.
  • Click on force stop button.

App info

  • Then find option move to SD Card and click on it to move app from phone to memory card. (It may take some time depending on app size)

App info

  • After that click on option Restrict to launch in app’s settings. (The options name may differ from phone to phone)

App info

2. Never full your Phone Storage :

Smartphone storage full

When you uses full phone storage or full your Phone memory then it is becomes slow because your phone needs some free storage to perform phone tasks so it’s necessary to take it in consideration and never full your Phone storage.

You can manage your phones storage through Files by Google app, it helps you to clean junk files in your phone.

Recommended apps to clean junk files :

  • Files by Google App :

Files by Google

This app helps you to delete junk files and temporary files from your phone that really helpful to maintain your smartphone’s free storage. Apart from it shows your phone’s storage and memory Card storage.

This app also helps to declutter you Android files and categories your apps in different categories such as duplicate files, large files, WhatsApp media, memes, old screenshots, unused apps etc. All this options literally helps you to manage your smartphone files and storage.

Check on PlayStore

  • SD Maid App :

SD Maid App

SD Maid App is also best app to clean your smartphone from junk and temporary files. The app has multiple options to clean your phone. Such as duplicate files, system cleaner, data base cleaner, etc.

Check on PlayStore

If you have more images in your phone then you can use photo compressor apps to compress your images and save your storage.

3. Never use your phone while Charging :

Charging smartphone

When you use your smartphone while charging, it may generate heat and affects the phone’s battery life as well as phone’s performance. More heat cause damage to phone’s processor.

You can prevent it by incremental charging, means don’t full charge your smartphone in single charge to prevent heating.

Tips to avoid heat :

  • Remove smartphone cover while charging
  • Avoid wireless charging
  • Use only charging adapter that is came with the smartphone

4. Choose correct external memory card :

Memory Card

If you are using external memory card to extend your storage then you should consider this post. Choose right memory card, there are many memory cards available in market, such as class 4, class 6, class 10, UHSI -1, UHSI -2, etc.

You have to choose fast memory card. Use should buy memory card above class 4, class 6 and class 10 is fast then class 4 and UHSI -1 is even more faster than class 10. UHSI-3 is fastest.

So that’s how memory card speed also matters for better performance of your smartphone.

5. Switch OFF your Phone :

Switch OFF phone

Some unnecessary apps and process continuously running on your smartphone, switching off your smartphone helps to refresh your smartphone and gives you best experience.

Switch OFF of your phone once in a day of 4-5 minutes enough.

I hope you like this article about how to make your Android smartphone fast. Please share this article with your friends and family so they can also take benefits of it.

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