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8 Things you should consider while Using the Internet

As we making our life more comfortable with technology there are also increases threats with comfort and it will lead to makes you more vulnerable with the safety of your data and privacy. During this Digital era, the chances of cyber threats increases. Here in this article, we quoted some important points that users should consider while using the Internet.

1. Never use public Wifi for any transaction & during Chatting :

Public WIFI
Public WIFI

Public WIFI is a very risky connection to be used; because these wifis are unsecured and mostly unencrypted.

so keep in mind and never use public wifi for your online transactions and chatting.

2. Never save your Debit card & Credit card details in the browser :

Online card transaction

The worst thing you can do with your browser and smartphone is to save your Debit card & Credit card in it. It can be steal it from it so consider it to not save any kind of sensitive data like bank details and a credit card or debit card details in your smartphone and web browser.

HTTPS secure website

Apart from it, check the website before any transaction for HTTPS in the address bar. HTTPS prevents compromisation of your transaction details and provides a secure connection to the buyer and seller. so only do transactions on HTTPS-enabled websites.

3. Be careful while using Email service :

Email Service

We all use email service but do you know most of the frauds done through emails. Yes, your reading right email is the most used way to steal your data. Okay then what should you do to prevent it? Don’t worry by following simple rules you can prevent all these; consider the following points given below :

  • Never use any unknown email services; use well-reputed email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoomail, etc.
  • Never open unknown or suspicious emails and never click on links on suspicious emails
  • Regularly check your email activities.
  • Use some security options like 2 step verification to keep your account safe and secure
  • If you find any suspicious activity in your email account immediately change your account password.
  • Never use your personal email address to create an account on unknown websites.

Bonus Tip: Use can use Temporary or Disposable Mail Service to create temporary account.(Email address will be deleted in few minutes)

Services : TempMail, FakeMail

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4. Never give microphone & webcam permission on unknown websites :

Microphone and Webcam permission

Sometimes while browsing the web we come to some website that asking for webcam and microphone permission, don’t give permission for that on an unknown website.

You can give this permission on some relevant and trusted websites like skype, zoom, google meet, etc; because these websites need that permission for online meetings and video conferences or video calls.

The same thing also applies to smartphone apps too; you must pay attention while installing the app and allowing for permissions. Some suspicious apps asking permission for the contacts, photos, camera, and microphone which not needed to run that app such as music player, any game apps, calculator, etc. all these apps do not any of this permission; so consider it while installing apps.

5. Never install Software and Apps from an Unknown Source :

Apps from unknown source

Install your necessary software and applications or apps for ios and android from trusted sources. For android apps, install apps from play store and for ios or iPhone install apps from AppStore. You can download some trusted websites like,, etc.

Sometimes unknown suspicious and malicious apps automatically install in your device by clicking on unknown links on websites and email; You can prevent by following this step: Turn OFF the installation of apps from unknown apps. This option may be different from the device to device so find this option in your Device. This may found on security, apps related menu settings.

unknown source turn off (1)
unknown source turns off

If we are talking about Softwares never download from unknown sources and never download pirated or cracked or nulled software because this Software contains viruses or malicious code that can make your device vulnerable or steal your private details from the device in which you installed.

Bonus Tip: If you download any file from an unknown website, you can check it that file for viruses and malware through this website:

6. Use a Strong password and 2 Step verification or Authentication :


  • Strong Password :

A strong password is very important because weak and simple passwords can be guessed and crack easily. Most of the people are using a simple or weak password, For example, abc123, password, mypass, etc. these passwords are responsible for compromising your account.

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Then, What is a Strong Password? A strong password is a combination of Alphabets(both small & capital), Numbers, and Special characters(#[email protected]%) and it should contain more than 8 characters or words. It should be unique. For example, Dolz12^%[email protected]*

Bonus Tip: Never use same password on lots of Account.

  • 2 Step Verification/Authentication :

2 Step Verification adds an extra layer of security on your account. This system helps you to prevent access to your account even you have a password, you must need OTP(one-time-password) OR temporary Security code to access your account. So please enable 2 Step Verification/Authentication on your Account.

7. Never give your All Personal Details on Unknown Websites :


Yes, don’t give your All personal details on an unknown website because this makes your Personal data more vulnerable to the data leak. so be careful while sharing your data on unknowns websites or on the internet.

8. Updates :

System Updates

Updates, updates are very important no matter if it is app update or system update of your smartphone or computer device. Updates fixes bugs and security issues in your devices and gives better experience. So never ignore updates whenever updates available in your device.

Conclusion: Internet is the best thing to learn and explore the world. The right use of the internet with full awareness makes you more intelligent and knowledgeable but If you use the internet carelessly makes you fall in trouble; so use the internet wisely with full awareness.

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