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What’s RecordCast?

Recordcast is free online tool for the online screen recording as well as basic video editing. The best part about the RecordCast is that you don’t need any software or plugin to use this product, it is an online screen recording as well as a video editing solution.

You can use it on Mac as well as Windows and also Chrome OS too. You just need a browser to use the RecordCast.

RecordCast Full Review

Advantages of RecordCast :

recordcast review advantages

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  • It is 100% Free, you don’t need to pay any charges
  • Easy to use
  • No need for any software or any browser extension/plugin installation
  • Use in any browser in any operating system (Windows / Mac / Chrome OS)
  • Flexibility in Recording (Record entire screen / Application window / Browser tab)
  • Option to setup Audio input (Microphone / System Audio / No Audio)
  • Built-in Video Editor feature


All these are the advantages of RecordCast online tool.

Downside of RecordCast :

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  • Webcam embed anywhere in recording not available
  • Any click highlighting and mouse spotlight option not available
  • Different export format options not available
  • Cloud storage like Google drive, Dropbox, etc. integration not available


All these are the downside or disadvantages of RecordCast online tool.

How To Use RecordCast :

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For Screen Recording

STEP 1: First of all open the RecordCast website on your desktop browser in any operating system no matter what is that either Windows, Mac, or Chrome.

STEP 2: On the homepage of you will see the following two buttons, Start Recording and Try Video Editor; see below in Screenshot.

RecordCast homepage

STEP 3: Click on Start Recording. [You can create an account if you want to save your projects online]

STEP 4: Then on the next page you have to choose the Audio recording method, from Microphone, from System audio or No Audio recording. You can choose according to your requirements. Then click on the Red round recording button (see the screenshot given below).

Recordcast audio settings

STEP 5: After clicking on the Recording button you next you will see a new popup window asking to choose the screen that you want to share, Your entire screen, an application window, or the Browser tab. Choose according to your need. Then click on the Share button to start screen recording. You can see in the screenshot.

Recordcast review

For the Video Editing

Recordcast video editing

Simply after opening click on Try video Editing. You just need to import a video clip or you can also use a webcam. The video editor is very simple and basic. In video editor, you can add here music in a video, split video, and add various text effects on video.

You can also use after screen recording to editing screen recording directly on the website.


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Conclusion :

RecordCast is a very simple and easy to use screen recorder and video editor. If you are not well to use complex software for screen recording and video editing this tool is a good deal for you.

You can use it for various tutorial video recordings, business presentations, online learning lectures recording. Its video editor is very basic so you can do only some basic video editing like music mixing, text animation effects, splitting video clips, etc.. For the advanced video editing can’t rely on the RecordCast video editor.

I hope you like the RecordCast review. Please share this post if you like it. Do comment if you have any questions regarding RecordCast.

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