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How to password protect PDF file [Lock PDF with Password]

PDF (portable document format) file is use almost everywhere for sharing information, e-books, exam form, college brochure, etc. In certain cases we seen the password protected PDF file; For example, for identity card, PAN Card, etc. and it’s necessary to do that for protection of sensitive information.

You can also password protect PDF file easily. Here in this post we mentioned the easy way to password protect the PDF file.

Websites to Password Protect PDF file :

Password protect PDF file Lock PDF

All website given below can help you to password protect PDF file, you can use anyone to password protect PDF.

1. PDFCandy.Com :

PDFCandy is great website to password protect PDF file.

Password protect PDF file with PDFCandy

Just open and select the Protect PDF. Now upload the PDF then Website asks you to add password. Now you have to download your password protected pdf file simple.

This website not just lock your PDF file with password but also provide options to manage your PDF in every way such as edit pdf, convert pdf to another document formats, rearrange PDF pages, remove any PDF pages, add watermark, etc.

Visit website

2. SmallPDF.Com :

How to password protect PDF

This is another good website to password protect PDF file. As explained for PDFCandy website same follow the instructions for the SmallPdf Website and password protect PDF file.

This website also have other great features such as PDF converter and other documents to PDF, rearrange PDF pages, remove PDF pages, merge PDFs, edit PDF, etc.

Visit website

3. ILovePDF.Com :

Password protect PDF file

It is another best Website to lock pdf with password. Follow the same instructions as mentioned for PDFCandy and SmallPdf websites and download your password protected PDF file.

This website also has different other great features for PDF such as convert PNG file to other documents and other documents to pdf, edit PDF, rearrange PDF pages, remove PDF pages, etc.

Visit website

Also read :

Remove password from PDF (remove password lock or protection) :

Remove password from PDF unlock PDF file

As you Locked or password protected PDF file same you can remove the password from any PDF file with all above mentioned websites.

Steps :

  • Just open any one of above mentioned websites(PDFCandy/SmallPDF/ILovePDF)
  • Then click on Unlock PDF.
  • Upload PDF file and you have to add password of PDF
  • Then Download the Unlocked PDF(Removed PDF password protection)

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