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Best image compressor android Apps 2020

We all like to capture our best moments but we all have one genuine problem of image data storage. But do you know, this problem can be solved very easily with image compression. Image compression helps you reduce your image size and save your storage. Here in this article Best image compressor android apps 2020, we listed the best image compressor apps of the 2020 year which helps you to compress your images.

Best Image Compressor Apps list:

1. Photoczip :

0 Photoczip app

Photoczip is one of the best image compressor app. It’s very lite weight and comes with a simple user interface.

Photoczip Image compressor app

This app provides image compression, image resize, convert PNG to JPG, add watermark to the image, zip all images together, Edit JPG image metadata, remove Exif data, etc. features.

Image compressor Android app

Another best thing is this app is ad-free, so you get No ads experience.

Features :

  • Simple user interface
  • Very Lite weight app
  • Bulk image compressor
  • Control over image compression
  • Image resize
  • Edit JPG image metadata
  • PNG to JPG converter
  • Remove Exif data
  • Add watermark in image
  • Zip all images together

Download the App

2. Pic Tools :

pictool image compressor app

PicTool app is another best app to compress your images in one click. The best part of this app is the app provides batch image compression means you can compressor multiple images at once and the app provides total control over image size, DPI, pixel density, image rotation, crop Image.

PicTools Image compressor app

Another great features are PNG to JPG and JPG to PNG image converter built-in so you can easily convert your images in different formats. You can even convert images to the latest Webp image format.

SquareFit feature provides support for cropping images for insta DP with this No Crop feature Use this tool to fit your images in the square background, all colored bars, etc. You can even convert images into PDF.


  • Simple user interface
  • Very lite weight app
  • Bulk image compressor
  • Bulk rotate image
  • Image converter
  • Image resize in different ways
  • Convert image to PDF
  • SquareFit for Insta Do
  • Total control over image dimensions

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Above mentioned two image compressor apps are have very good user interface and we recommend most out of all other image compressor apps

3. JPEG Optimizer :

Jpeg image compressor app

JPEG Optimizer is also a free image compressor app that allows you to compress images in good quality. You can even resize your images in your required dimensions.

JPEG image compressor app

The app has a unique ISO Noise Optimization algorithm that allows you to reduce image or photo size with quality enhancement. You can compress multiple images at once and also you can export images in zip and JPEGs file.

JPEG image compressor Android apps

You can save image as pdf so it also works as an image to PDF converter. The app has also ‘Pro’ which comes with additional features like export encrypted PDF.

Features :

  • Compressor images in good quality
  • Export images as PDF
  • Bulk image compress
  • Export bulk multiple images in zip or JPEGs
  • Encrypted PDF (*Pro version)

Download the App

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4. Image & photo resizer: reduce image size :

image compressor apps

This app comes with a simple and clean user interface. The app helps you to compress image, crop images and image resize in required dimensions.

Image compressor apps

This app provides you 2 modes for image compression, first is a quality mode and 2nd is size mode, through which you can compress the image in terms of image quality and size of the image in KB, MB.
You can even maintain image resolution during compression.

Features :

  • Clean and minimal user interface
  • Image compression with size and quality
  • Maintain image resolution
  • Crop images
  • Resize images

Download the App

5. pCrop : Photo resizer and Compress :

pCrop image compressor app

It helps you quickly reduce your image size. Easy to optimize your images without losing quality. You can adjust image quality in percentage and export compress images in JPEG, PNG, and WEBP image formats.

Image compressor app for Android

Photo compressor apps

Apart from image compression you can also do resize, crop images, and rotate images in vertically and horizontally.

Features :

  • Image compression
  • Image cropping
  • Image resize
  • Bulk image compression
  • Export images in JPEG, PNG and WEBP formats

Download the App

We hope you get useful information from this article Best image compressor Android apps 2020, and it’s helpful to you to compress images through your android smartphone.

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