How to enable navigation buttons in Moto G9 and any phone

Moto G9 is a value for money smartphone launched in India in September, 2020. Currently all smartphones have gesture navigation control due to a latest Android upgrade. But if you are not habituated with gesture control then in Moto G9 you get an extra option to remove gesture navigation control and enable native touch navigation buttons.

Please follow the instructions given in this article to disable gesture navigation control and enable native touch navigation buttons.

Enable native touch navigation buttons :

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Step 1: First of all open the settings menu on Moto G9 smartphone

Step 2: Go to second last option “System” in settings menu

Step 3: Open the system menu and find the gestures option [3rd option gestures]

Step 4: Open the gestures option and go to System navigation option

Step 5: Now select a “3-button navigation” option; congratulations now you can access your phone with navigation buttons instead of gesture navigation controls.

You can revert or change this setting to gesture navigation through this setting option.

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How to add navigation buttons in any smartphone :

Navigation buttons in any smartphoneIf you don’t like gesture navigation controls in your smartphone then you can easily add navigation buttons(home, recent and back) in your smartphone by using android app.

Use any of app mentioned below to add navigation buttons. We have listed some good apps for that purpose.

Navigation buttons apps :

1. Navigation bar :

Navigation buttons app

Developer : wormhole space

This app adds home, recent and back navigation buttons. You can even customize this with some features and color options.

You can change background of this buttons and color of this buttons. You can also change the height of these buttons, panel position of these buttons, Auto hide function and few more other features.

Check out this App

2. Navigation bar : Assistive touch bar

Navigation buttons app

Developer : Assistive touch team

This is another app for navigation buttons, adds home, back and recent buttons but this app has an extra controls for screenshot and screen lock.

You can change the size and position, color and opacity of navigation buttons. Auto hide function also available.

Check out this App

Hope these apps helps you to add navigation buttons in your smartphone.

Final words :

I suggest you to use or habituated with gesture navigation controls because with gestures navigation controls you can quickly do navigation in your Android smartphone and that’s why Google introduced the gesture navigation feature.

I hope this informative article helpful to you to change your navigation controls. Please share this article so others also know about this.

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