How to split screen on mac [Step by Step Guide]

The slit screen option is the best way to see several screens at the same time while still in order. This feature is especially appealing, especially with Mac screens getting smaller by the day. As a result, Apple came up with this ingenious way of using the available space effectively.

But how to split screen on mac? If this is a question you have been trying to find to no avail, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will be taken through a detailed guide on the steps to follow to split the screen on your Mac. Consequently, you get to use two or more sections simultaneously and finish your work faster.

Steps to Getting Started with Split Screen on Your Mac :

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Split Screen on Mac


Step 1 :

Open two or more windows which you intend to pair in the split-screen layout, and these can either be apps, windows, or documents.

After that, you should select your first window and then proceed to look at the upper left corner. Here you will see three colored dots; red, yellow, and green, that are used in controlling the window tabs.

Step 2 :

You should then proceed and move the cursor above the green dot. By doing this, you will see two tiny “expand” arrows and then press down on the green dot. There will be a list of options displayed, that is, Tile Window to the Right of Screen, Enter Full Screen, or Tile Window to the Left of Screen.

Consequently, choose either the first or third option, and the part of the screen will get filled.

Step 3 :

After one half of the Split View process is complete, the first app will show on the screen’s one half while the thumbnails to the other windows showing on the opposite side.

Pick the other window that you wish to utilize in this Split View mode, after which it enlarges to fill this void, and this is the last step in setting a split screen on your Mac. If you wish to change the window that is your primary focus, simply tap any of the windows.

What Are The Advantages of Split Screen on Your Mac

The Split Screen option has lots of advantages and these include;

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  • It provides you with additional space that gives you more workings space for videos, photo editors, and massive tables.
  • Other programs get to cause you fewer distractions.
  • It allows you to concentrate on the specific window being worked on without needing to jump to pop-up messages, Dock icons, or another distracting element. Once you have selected the two applications side-by-side, it will be a lot easier to focus on the task at hand. The Split Screen feature is also partly customizable, depending on your preference.


How Do You Adjust Split Screen on Mac?

The Split Screen mode does not always divide the screen on your Mac equally. You can choose to make one screen larger than the other by clicking and holding onto the black divider and sliding it either to the right or left.

This feature proves to be very helpful when you want additional space for your huge spreadsheet or viewing a vast web page having an old design.

However, you cannot always adjust the split screen on your Mac since some apps such as Photos on Apple come with minimum width. Thus, it might not always be possible to change the bar entirely or as much as you may want.

Additionally, if you want to move the windows to different sides, click and hold the app’s title bar and then move it to the other direction. By doing this, these windows will switch positions automatically.

Are you confused about where the menus are? You need not worry since the split screen usually hides both the Dock and menu bar. Therefore, to show the menus, you simply need to move the pointer to the screen’s top, and it will reappear. This then enables you to use the menus on each app while still on Split Screen. You can also change the screen resolution in case the windows are very tiny.

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How Do You Exit Split Screen on Your Mac?

Leaving the Split Screen mode is very simple since all you need to do is clicking the green dot on either of the windows. You can also press Esc, and the windows will go back to their original state.


The Split Screen mode on the Mac is a handy feature that allows you to do several tasks simultaneously. It thus very useful to learn, and after reading this article, you are now well-versed on how to split screen, and use split screen on your Mac, use split screem and how to exit. This will help you become more productive in all your tasks.

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