How to find Mac Address in Android | iPhone | Router

What is Mac Address?

The MAC address is the unique identification code or number used to recognise a particular gadget on a network. It is also referred to as the physical or hardware address. The reason for this is these numbers get inserted into your device’s network while it is being manufactured.

How to find mac address

The MAC address is typically a constant figure, but you can modify it by making use of the software. This number is written in the MM: SS: SS: SS format comprises of 12 digit hexadecimal numbers, that is, six bytes in length or 48 bits. MAC addresses are vital as they offer other ISPs with a safe way of authenticating computers or gadgets for internet access plus enabling communication on the network.

How to Find Mac Address :

Follow the instructions given below to find mac address in your device.

1. How to Find MAC Address On Android

How to find mac address in Android

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu on your smartphone.

Step 2: Click on the Network & Internet option.

Find mac address android


Step 3: Tap the WIFI option.

WiFi setting option


Step 4: Once you are inside the WIFI Menu, select the WiFi name that you are using. You can also choose to click on wifi settings or some phone’s shows as gear setting icon.

WiFi settings find mac address in android


Step 5: Click on the Advance drop-down button.

Find mac address in android phoneMac address


After doing this, you should be able to see the MAC address of your gadget under the Network section details.

[Note : Latest smartphone has randomised mac address feature to protect your mac address from others.]

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2. How to Find MAC Address On Your iPhone?

How to find mac address in iphone

Step 1: Click on the Settings option.

How to find mac address

Step 2: You should then select the General option.

find mac address in iphone

Step 3: Proceed to click About.

Find mac address iphone

Step 4: Locate the MAC address by scrolling down to the WIFI Address. The figure shown is your iOS gadget’s MAC address.

Find mac address in iphone

3. How to Find MAC Address WIFI Routers?

How to find mac address in Router

It is possible to remotely check the MAC address of your device from your WIFI router’s dashboard pr admin panel. However, the steps to follow when checking the MAC address on the router’s admin panel are different, depending on the router’s brand.

It is best you start with your router’s device management section. Here, you will see several gadgets that are connected to your WIFI, including the MAC address.

Note : Never share your mac address, it’s very important information of your device.


After reading through this article about “How to Find Mac Address”, you are now well-versed on the steps to follow when checking the MAC address on various devices. This includes your Android and iOS smartphone, as well as router.

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