How to Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

WordPress is one of the major website building platforms that are there today. It caters to almost 26% of the total websites that are presently active.

Having an online presence is really crucial for any thriving online business. But having just a website is not enough.

Your website must be engaging, displaying relevant and interesting content that makes the visitors stay and influence them to make the final purchase decision.

Well, you can always embed Instagram feeds on your WordPress website and make all the above-said happen for your online business.

Instagram feeds not only adds to the beauty of your website but also helps to generate user trust and drive user engagement. Embed instagram hashtag feed on website

This article focuses on 5 such best tools that let you embed your Instagram feeds to your WordPress website with ease.

Come, let’s have a look.

Embed instagram feed options

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool. It aggregates with multiple social media platforms, Instagram being a major one of them.

It discovers, collects, curates, and displays Instagram feeds in real-time and lets you easily embed it on your website.

All you need to do is create an Instagram Wall with Taggbox, generate embed code from Taggbox, copy it, and finally paste it on the webpage where you want to display the content.

One of the most amazing features that Taggbox offers is TagShop. It allows you to make your Instagram feeds shoppable, display user-generated content through those Instagram feeds, helping your buyers to make the final purchase decision, making their overall purchase journey really fun and engaging. It helps you create an online shop by embedding shoppable Instagram feeds on your website.

Besides that, Taggbox has a lot to offer. It’s amazing customization features, beautiful themes, and responsive layouts help you to make your content really amazing and interactive.

The powerful moderation and curation features help you maintain the quality of your Instagram feed being displayed on your website.

It’s robust Analytics feature allows you to track the performance of your Instagram feeds, measure the engagement of users and their interaction with it.

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2. Instagram Official Embed

Instagram, itself as a platform, realises the importance and benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on websites.

Hence, it itself provides you with the functionality of embedding Instagram feeds on your WordPress website, either individually or in bulk. You can embed your own content or posts from other public profiles, the choice is yours.

The whole process is actually really simple. All you need to do is just visit the post you want to embed on web and get the embed code. Click on the post to expand it. Next, Click the more […] button and select “Embed”. You will get the embed code which you can copy and paste in the backend of the webpage where you want to display the Instagram post.

3. Photoslurp

Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform that allows you to make online sales by displaying user-generated content collected from various social media platforms, Instagram, being the major one among them.

It gives you the power to curate, publish, and analyze your user-generated content being embedded and displayed as shoppable Instagram posts on your website.

It helps you to drive user-engagement, grow social trust among your users as you display the user-experience through the embedded Instagram feeds, and finally grow your e-commerce sales.

4. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is another tool to easily embed your Instagram feeds on your website. It gives you the option to embed Instagram feeds on your website through the various widget options it provides.

It works in real-time thus updating the latest Instagram posts on your website automatically.

It provides multiple widget options like an Instagram grid, Instagram popup, Instagram Slideshow, Instagram Scrolling, Instagram Board, Instagram Map, and many others alike.

5. is yet another platform that allows you to create engaging links that could enable you to embed Instagram feeds on your website.

It lets you embed rich Instagram images and videos on your website and engage your audience with it. It also provides you with insights that can help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

You can automatically crop, fill, and resize your Instagram feeds. It comes with customizable options too, to beautify your Instagram feeds to be embedded.

Over To You

Embedding Instagram feeds on your website could be one of the most strategic decisions which could actually drive your marketing strategy in a positive direction and help you grow your online business.

Each tool mentioned above comes with it’s own unique feature. Figure out which one suits your needs the best and employ it as part of your marketing strategy.

I hope you like all this instagram feed embed article. Please do comment if you have any issue or your feedback and also don’t forget to share this article.

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