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How to Delete Spotify Account : Step by Step Guide[2020]

Spotify is a very popular music streaming platform worldwide. Spotify comes with the main 2 Subscription plan, Free and Premium. But if you are not satisfied with Spotify and want to know “how to delete Spotify account permanently” then follow this article.

Here we have given step by step procedure to Delete Spotify Account. We also mentioned How to cancel Spotify Premium Subscription in this article.

How to delete Spotify account

It’s very easy and short procedure to delete Spotify account, open Spotify Website, login to your Spotify account then open help menu from footer of Spotify Website. In next screen open account help then go to close account option then follow further steps according your Spotify account type, Free or premium.

Follow step by step instructions given below :

Delete your Spotify Account :

Step 1: Sign-in or login to your Spotify account in your Web browser.

Step 2: After login in your Spotify account come to the bottom or footer of the Spotify website and find Help in useful links; then click on Help link. We already mentioned the screenshot to help you.

how to delete spotify account permanently

Step 3: After Clicking on Help you will reach on another page, here click on Account help in Account & Payment Section. Check Screenshot to Understand.

how to delete spotify account

Step 4: After Clicking on Account Help, you will be reached on the Account Help links page; here choose the 2nd last option Close your account. Check the screenshot to Understand.

delete spotify account

Step 5: Then you will be reached on the Close your account page; here as we mentioned in screenshot If you are on free Spotify then click on contact form link to initiate the procedure of your account for permanent deletion.

how to delete spotify account

Step 6: Once you click on the Contact form link you will jump on another page; here click on Account option.

Delete Spotify account

then click on I want to close my account. See the Screenshot below.

Delete Spotify account

Step 7: Then click on Close Account button; then for the Final confirmation again Click on Close Account. See the Screenshot to understand correctly.

Delete Spotify account

Delete Spotify account

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How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription :

Cancelling your premium subscription leads to transfer your premium account to Free plan. Follow the steps given below to correctly Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription.

Step 1: Log in to your Spotify account.

Step 2: Go to Account; then go to the Account overview.

Step 3: Scroll down in the Account overview till Your plan section.

Step 4: Then Click on CHANGE OR CANCEL, then Click on Cancel Premium. Now click on Yes, Cancel.

Congrats! your premium subscription is cancelled and now your account comes back to Free service.

Note: If you cancel your student discount then you can’t apply for another account till 12 months verification period expires.

Hope you successfully deleted your Spotify account by following above mentioned step by step instructions.

Please comment below if you still facing any issue during the process, we will surely try to solve your as soon as possible.

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