5 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Android Phone

Wallpapers are important visually for almost all smartphones. Best wallpaper images make your smartphone beautiful looking and even change the user’s mood too.

In this post we have added the best wallpaper apps with its different features and differences. Go through the article and find the app for the best wallpapers for your smartphone.

Best Free Wallpaper Apps list :

Best wallpaper apps

1. Wall X :

Wall X Wallpaper App

Wall X App has very beautiful wallpapers in HD and 4K image quality. This app provides wallpapers in following categories : 3D, abstract, animal, anime, amoled, car, city, fantasy, Dark, flowers, food, Holidays, love, macro, minimalism, motorcycle, music, nature, space, sports, technologies and many more others.

The interesting part of this app is that the app shows only wallpapers that are adaptive to your screen sizes, this helps to fast loading of wallpapers, and save your battery power.

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2. Walpy :

Walpy Wallpaper App

Walpy is also a good wallpapers downloading app. The app provides amazing wallpapers in various categories with HD or 4K resolution. The app aggregate wallpapers from the various platforms, you can also add your source that can be used for wallpapers.

This app has various settings that may help you to change wallpapers automatically.

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3. AmoledPix :


This is another cool app for High quality Amoled wallpapers. If your phone’s display is Amoled then it’s most beneficial for you because this wallpaper saves your smartphone’s battery power so you get longer battery standby.

You can also blur and cut-out wallpapers within the app before setting wallpaper. You can even set-up auto change wallpapers, this will auto change wallpapers on in a certain interval of time.

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This app has wallpapers in different qualities such as superhero, glitch, gaming, aesthetic, natural, minimal, architecture, girls, cars, colorful abstract, flowers, street, and many more others.

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4. WalP :

WalP Wallpaper App

If you are looking for wallpapers of different smartphone modes then this app is for you. You can download and set wallpapers of any smartphone company models such as iPhone wallpapers, Google pixels wallpapers including specific smartphone models in high quality resolution. You get almost all phone models’ wallpapers.

Apart from the wallpaper phone’s categories, you get all options to Set-up wallpaper’s brightness, saturation, hue, blur effects within the App before setting up wallpaper.

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5. Walli :

Walli Wallpaper App

Walli app provides you High quality Wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone. Here you can choose Wallpapers from the best artists. The categories are also very interesting such as cute & ironic, Neon lights, feel good, video games esthetics, space, for kids, abstract and many more other categories to explore.

This app also gives you the option to auto change wallpapers so in certain periods of time.

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Final words :

All these Apps are good in different ways, you can try these apps and choose app for good looking Wallpapers.

I hope you like all this Wallpapers app and this listing helpful to you for finding good Wallpapers. Please comment your favourite app for Wallpapers or your feedback and also don’t forget to share this article.

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