Apps that bloggers should use to manage their Blog

In this article, we mentioned some best apps that are very useful for bloggers and bloggers should use to manage their Blog effectively. You can use these apps to manage your daily blogging tasks.

Full app list for bloggers :


1. WordPress Mobile App :WordPress Mobile App for bloggersWordPress Mobile App helps you to manage your posts, pages, categories, media and comments of your WordPress website. You can even excess stats of your Blog. You can track your Blog activities right from the app, it is very important to find out unauthorised activities of your Blog or website.

Apart from that the WordPress Mobile app is very handy to reply comments. For minor changes in your content the app is very useful(You can even do major changes in your post).You can also install, activate and deactivate plugins and themes directly from the app.

If you are WordPress user then it is best app to manage your WordPress blog from your smartphone.

The app is available for both android and iOS devices.

2. Blogger Mobile App : Blogger App for bloggersIf you are using platform then Blogger Mobile App is very helpful to create and manage your posts on Blogger. But the app has not a lot of features as WordPress, still it is useful to manage your posts on the Blogger platform directly from your phone.

3. Grammarly keyboard App :Grammarly keyboard App for bloggersBlog writers sometimes make grammatical mistakes during the article writing and that negatively impacts on their blog user experience.Grammarly keyboard App highlights your grammatical mistakes and autocorrect through the grammarly keyboard.

Grammarly keyboard App available on both android and iOS devices and you can also use grammarly extension on Google Chrome browser to find out and correct your grammatical mistakes.

4. Canva App :Canva App for bloggersCanva App is very useful to make your Blog graphics. You can design your post featured image with this app. The app is handy to make infographics. The app has lots of elements, fronts, frames, free images and pre-made templates that you can use to make your design stand out from the competition.

You can easily craft graphics for your Blog layer by layer. In addition to blog graphics, you can make post design for Facebook cover, Facebook ad post, instagram stories, instagram post, pinterest any many more platforms.

The app is available for both android and iOS devices.

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Screen Recorder Apps helps you to make tutorials videos for Blogging

5. Pixabay App :Pixabay App for bloggersPixabay app provides free non-copyrighted high quality stock images for your Blog articles. You can freely use pixabay images without any worrying about copyright.

The app provides filters such as vector, illustration, photo, etc. to filter your searched result. You can even choose your image download resolution. You can even use Pixabay website to download free non-copyrighted high quality stock images.

6. Pexels App : Pexels App for bloggersPexels App is an alternative of the Pixabay App for free non-copyrighted high quality stock images. This also provides best images for your Blog in various resolutions. You can use it for stock images in alternative to Pixabay App.

7. Google analytics App :Google analytics App for bloggersGoogle analytics is very helpful to you to put eye on your website’s visitors, page views, traffic source and many more analytics metrics directly from your smartphone.

You can check your real-time visitors directly from the app.You don’t need your computer to check your website’s analytics so it is a very useful app.

8. Google keep App :Google keep App for bloggersGoogle keep is a very clean and minimal app to store your important notes and plans regarding your Blog. The app has various useful features like reminder, to-do list, notes writing, insert images, etc.You can even collaborate with people and work together with the Google keep app. As it is connected with Google gmail account so you can synchronise between multiple devices such as computer, tablet and your on hand smartphone.

The app is available for iOS as well as android devices.

Alternatives of a Google keep app are Google tasks app and Evernote app; you can also use these apps to manage your important blogging tasks and notes easily.

9. Google drive App :Google drive App for bloggersIt is very handy to store your Word, Excel, PDF, music, videos  and many more other important files. Google drive is linked with your Google account so you can synchronise your data on multiple devices connected with your Google account.

Google drive App is also very useful to share your files through links so it is a very handy for bloggers to share their files. Available app for iOS and Android platforms.

10. Pocket App :Pocket App for bloggersAs bloggers we surf the Web more to gain detailed information and resources for our blog, the app helps you to save important articles from any website to read for later.

You can read your useful article directly from your pocket App so it is a very handy option to store helpful articles and resources. You can use pocket on android and iOS devices and on the web also.

Final words :

All these apps makes your blogging journey by making your daily blogging tasks easy. Please share your thoughts about these apps in comments and also share if you know other app that is very helpful for bloggers. We will try to mention that app in this app listing.

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